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Solar Climate Change: Is the Volcanic Eruption at 'Mount Doom' the FIRST sign of the R5 "Red Warning" being underway?
Wednesday, November 21st 2012, 9:36 AM EST
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
Image AttachmentThose of you who follow the "Red Warning" events, may be interested in the following report....According to there have been TWO recent Solar Flares from the location AR1618 mentioned I have picked up a report that Mount Tongariro (Lord of the Rings "Mount Doom") on New Zealand's North Island has just erupted for the second time in 100 years, the last being in August this year.

Tourists flee, flights cancelled as New Zealand volcano 'blows her stack' -

Mount Tongariro on New Zealand's North Island has erupted with a 2km-high ash plume seen in the sky and residents reporting the sulphur is making it harder to breathe.

GNS Science confirmed the eruption, at the Te Maari crater, happened shortly after 1.20pm. It is the second eruption on the mountain this year; an eruption on August 6 was the first on Tongariro for more than 100 link for more inc. VIDEO

Also read: 90 schoolchildren among tourists who flee for their lives as 'Mount Doom' volcano erupts by Alex Ward - Daily Mail

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