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Piers Corbyn: It looks increasingly like standard models are heading for another blunder this weekend
Thursday, January 24th 2013, 7:18 AM EST
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
Examination of successions of forecast maps for Sat 26th and Sun 27th from MetOffice, GFS and ECMWF models show them back-peddling on their much heralded major warm-up.

"We warned they were overstating this event", said Piers Corbyn of WeatherAction, "There is just not enough solar-wind input coming to make the change they expect and our lunar and geomagnetic factors are against. A look at confirms the very low levels of activity we predicted for now from over 5 weeks ahead. Something will happen, indeed our forecast said so, but not much - and qualitively weaker, compared to their projections. This is yet another blunder in a series of major errors this winter in forecasting from only a few days ahead for Britain/Ireland, Europe and the USA where there have also been very major errors recently.

"Of course standard meteorology has no comprehension of what we are talking about and as long as it remains wedded to the delusional nonsense of CO2 warmism and 'weather drives weather' tenets of computer forecasting they will never learn. Admission that solar activity is the decisive driver of weather especially extreme events and of climate change - a fact which our success demonstrates - spells the end of the CO2 warmist religion and the electricity price hikes, taxes and green handout gravy train that it brings.

"It also means that however many millions or billions, are spent on extra computer power for the juggernaut of standard warmist meteorology thay will never improve but only get wrong answers quicker and mislead the public more often. Politicians must now get to grips with reality, cast aside the CO2 warmist sect of BBC-MetO and the so called 'Climate-Science' empire in academia and instead support accountable evidence-based science and policies"
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