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It is safe to assume that many people have started to become sceptical concerning the dynamics of so called man made climate change. In recent years there have been seen to be many inconsistencies in the proposition that we have changed the Earth's climate with our pollution.

The World's Governments' solution to apply green taxation as a cure in the light of an unscientific philosophy of climate change is starting to fall apart, CO2 output has continued to rise and yet global temperatures have started to fall!

One thing that needs to be established, there is no doubt whatsoever there has been a climate change in the last 50-60 years. So just because you are a Climate Realist, that is not on the basis that you are in some sort of denial about this change. The Climate Alarmists and Global Warming Alarmists will point out that this change is due to Man Made CO2 as it fits in with modern day industrialization.

Global climate data clearly shows that there has been an increase in world temperatures in the past few decades. If you look at the Global Temperature Anomaly graph below you will notice that temperatures peaked in 1998, and have been in general decline ever since, unlike the temperature figures you will see that CO2 output is still increasing.

HadCRUT3v Anomaly 1978-2008

Global Average Temperatures Graph
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Atmospheric CO2

CO2 Output Graph
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Being a Climate Realist does not mean that you are against being green or that you are ignorant about environmental issues such as recycling or objecting to the burning of fossil fuels that poison and contaminate the atmosphere in which we live and breathe. As far as we are concerned a Climate Realist is someone who believes there is a more logical explanation to the increase in global temperatures that we have experienced in the last few decades.

The AGW Media have named the recent changes to the Earth's climate with Man Made descriptions purely out of ignorance. The real cause of Climate Change can be attributed to Solar Variation and it would be of no surprise to us if terms like Natural Forcing, Solar Climate Change and Solar Climate Forcing are common place phrases to use in the future to correctly describe the changes in the Earth's Climate.

The aims and objectives of this site are to draw attention to the real explanations as to what has made our climate change and also to voice an educated opinion against the unscientific and unsubstantiated reasoning behind green taxation. A Green Tax on pollution is one thing but not in the name of reducing climate change, that is something we have no control over and simply have to learn how to adapt.

Climate Realists will actively promote the proposition that there is no such thing as Man Made Climate Change, until the World's Governments recognize that Climate Change and Man Made Pollution are two separate issues and not part of the same problem as currently promoted by Climate Change Journalists from the AGW Media. Government funded scientists who make up and exaggerate climate research for the sole purpose of obtaining large grants will undoubtedly come unstuck as the world becomes cooler and CO2 continues to rise.

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