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Wednesday April 3rd, 2013

Scientists on climate change: Er, never mind! (Researchers admit data showing warming trend can't be verified Read)

Harry Binswanger: Global Warming: Was It Just A Beautiful Dream After All

This chart shows a temperature of 23C 73F in England by Mid April by Derek Brockway

Opposing Views: UK rewards polluters and locks up people who want to save the planet by Andrew Simms, The Guardian

BBC Environment Correspondent Matt McGrath states Dr James E Hansen was a leading er....the science of "Global Warming"!
Tuesday April 2nd, 2013

John O'Sullivan: Not Again, Virginia! Greenhouse Gas Theory a Self-Licking Ice Cream

UK March is joint second coldest on record by Met Office

Global Warming’s ‘fatal conceit’ (It’s hard for believers to admit they’re wrong), by Richard Rahn, The Washington Times

Jet Stream Blamed For UK Cold Snap,

Polls suggest public’s interest in climate change is waning by Juliet Eilperin, Washington Post

Heavy snow blankets Poland and Russia in 'white Easter', BBC News

Iceland earthquake swarm (Grimsey area) – 314 earthquakes in less than 48 hours

The Strange Case of the TWO Filament Eruptions
Monday April 1st, 2013

Marc Morano: Lord Christopher Monckton weighs in on warmists smear of Geologist Dr. Don Easterbrook

MUST LISTEN: Alan Jones talks to Alby Schultz and Linda Pahl about Renewable Energy and Windfarms

Andrew McKillop: Solar Cycle Warnings

Spot The Difference: Roger Pielke Jr: New Climate Scandal Exposed
Sunday March 31st, 2013

Editorial: Climate Models Are So Flawed They Fail History

Blast From The Past: Richard Lindzen: Climate of Fear: Global Warming Alarmists Intimidate Dissenting Scientists into Silence, Global Research April 2007

Bjorn Lomborg: The joy of global warming

Moscow Records Highest March Snow Depth in 20 Years by Vickie Frantz,

Square Peg (Climate Science) Round Hole (Reality)

Coldest Easter Sunday in 100 YEARS as temperatures plummet to -12C and Britain will be shivering for another week

Help for snow-hit sheep farmers announced by minister, BBC News

David Rose: Government's climate watchdog launches astonishing attack on the Mail on Sunday... for revealing global warming science is wrong
Saturday March 30th, 2013

Christopher Booker: Let's lose the dodgy climate advice - and save £165,000

Incredible North Atlantic storm spans Atlantic Ocean, coast to coast takes place during "R4" period: Updated

Met Office three-month forecast was 'not helpful' by Roger Harrabin, BBC News

Reply to article: John O'Sullivan: What's Up With Anthony Watt's Attempted Rebuttal?

Scientist predicts earth is heading for another Ice Age by Giles Sheldrick, Daily Express: Updated with YouTube

Ryan Maue: April in Antarctica -- temps approach -100°F near South Pole.

Opposing Views: A sensitive matter of finding an explanation, says The Economist

White Easter: Germany Faces Coldest March Since 1883,

Global Warming Hiatus Has Climate Scientists Puzzled by Graham Llyod, The Australian
Friday March 29th, 2013

Ryan Maue: April Fools' cold front separating winter from spring

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