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Piers Corbyn Piers Corbyn
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Astrophysicist, long range weather forecaster, and campaigner.

WeatherAction.com, Delta House, 175-177 Borough High St, SE1 1HR
Tels 0207 939 9946 / 07958 713320

Piers Corbyn, astrophysicist, is the originator of the revolutionary and highly successful* Solar Weather Technique (SWT) of long range forecasting and founder of Weather Action Long Range forecasters. He totally rejects the CO2 based theory of Global Warming and Climate Change and has shown that existing published scientific researches demonstrate there is no evidence for the CO2 based theory –only evidence against. Recently he along with other scientists have directly challenged* the United Nations Climate Committee (IPCC) to admit that the CO2 centred theory has failed...

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Svend Hendriksen
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Nobel Peace Prize 1988 (shared)
Dr Don Parkes
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Prof. Em. Human Ecology
Hans Schreuder Hans Schreuder
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Analytical Chemist UK


Born and educated to Analytical Chemist level in The Hague, Holland.
Emigrated to South Africa in 1969, becoming a member of MENSA.
Moved to Gran Canaria in 1986, then to Ipswich, UK, in June 1992.
(Now retired.)

Stephen Wilde Stephen Wilde LLB (Hons.)
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U.K. Private Client Solicitor and lifelong Weather and Climate enthusiast.

Born and brought up in Cheshire England.

From age 5 to 17 always anticipated becoming a TV weather presenter but eventually chose Law due to a marginally better facility with words rather than the number crunching of physics in those days.

Nevertheless maintained an intense interest in the subject and kept up to date with developments throughout the past 50 years. Well able to understand complex science and express it in simple language.

Joined Royal Meteorological Society 1968.

Now runs own Law Firm specialising in a good quality clientele with significant property work.

In spare time, purely for pleasure, continues to keep up with all aspects of weather and climate and writes articles attempting to bridge the gap in understanding between scientists and the general public.

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