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Solar Climate Change: Australian Supercell Storm Hits Queensland Twice!
Sunday, November 18th 2012, 7:07 AM EST
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
On the 16th November I reported a "Supercell" weather forecast for Queensland, Australia, and said that this "could be" a sign of the "R4" November period, mentioned on the 13th (Will the Sun repeat itself in the NEXT 10 Days?). It would now seem this weather event, down under, was indeed a very powerful storm.

I suspect that there WAS a Solar influence going on due to it falling inside the "Red Warning" R4 period, and NOT "diry weather", as per Al Gore and co would lead to think, but then without funding we will never know for sure......

Second severe storm hits southeast Queensland by Danielle Cronin and Freya Petersen -

Southeast Queenslanders are assessing the damage after the region was hit by severe thunderstorms for the second time on Saturday.

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The Bureau of Meteorology cancelled its severe thunderstorm warning about 10.35pm on Saturday after a series of storms left a trail of damage across the southeast.

Shortly before 10.30pm, Energex reported more than 20,000 lightning strikes had been recorded in southeast Queensland since 7pm.

And almost 30,000 customers were without power at 10.50pm, with Brisbane residents the hardest hit.

As the clean-up continues, Emergency Management Queensland urged residents to beware of fallen powerlines and trees, avoid walking, riding or driving through floods and contact the State Emergency Service on 132 500 if they need urgent assistance.

Hours after Brisbane was plunged into near-darkness by a major storm with driving rain and high winds, another severe thunderstorm warning was issued for parts of southeast Queensland, including Brisbane.

By about 9pm, State Emergency Service workers had received 62 requests for help in Brisbane, and 31 in regional areas, most southwest of Brisbane.

A representative of the service said the fallout of the storms hadn't been quite as severe as anticipated across the state, although high winds in Brisbane and golf ball-size hail in Pittsworth had the potential to be particularly damaging....Click link for more.

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