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The Case of the Mystery 2006 Arctic Sea Ice Extent
Sunday, November 25th 2012, 7:08 AM EST
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
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On the 22nd September I put forward a prediction that this years Arctic sea ice extent would return to anormal level by December. It was never meant to be a prediction that would set the world on fire:) but as you will see from the above image taken today at the Arctic sea ice extent HAS returned to NORMAL! However this result has given more questions then answers, and that can the 2006 Arctic sea ice extent, that had peaked in September 2006 as one of the most covered ice areas end up with having one of the worst results for the recent November and December periods.

What was it about the level of CO2 in November/December of 2006? Why did the media not pick up on this in the same way they did for September 2012? Sadly we will never know the answer to these questions.

I could be wrong on this but I think the clue is in the temperature of the Ocean currents and from what NASA has gone onto say it's also to do with Arctic storm force winds, this then, points to CO2 as having NOTHING to do with Arctic sea ice melt!

Meanwhile....although this years Arctic sea ice extent HAS returned to normal, as predicted, will the MSM make a point of mentioning this happy event...sadly I think not! The Arctic sea ice extent returning back to normal is not a news worthy event, it would mean that the Main Stream Media would have to say CO2 does not melt ice afterall

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