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Solar Climate Change: USA and European Maps Issued for NEXT R5 Red Warning, 5th - 7th December
Sunday, December 2nd 2012, 4:49 PM EST
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
With my recent news report regarding Sunspot complex 1623-1625 (It's "Magnetism" Stupid!), I think it would be an idea to show you the recent December USA and European Maps for the 5th - 7th December issued by WeatherAction and see if the predictable events on the Sun fit the following Piers Corbyn weather scenarios. This is an "R5" period and the weather events are expected to be enhanced due to high level solar activity i.e. standard metrological methods will underestimate this period as they do not allow for "dramatic" changes.

As we have seen recently, this is not supposed to be a 100% accurate science, and thats due to the behaviour of the Sun, however as this long range forecasting method from Piers works MOST of the time and other methods FAIL MOST of the time, I think it is worth putting this on public display. In doing so, Piers can argue the toss as to what he put forward in advance, and others can then try and find fault in his methods after the event.....

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