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Joe Bastardi: Using Facts to Fight
Tuesday, December 11th 2012, 11:21 AM EST
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
The AGW Agenda is on a major offensive now. The election, Hurricane Sandy, the warm start to winter in the U.S. (that will switch around) and the latest World Climate Conference, has lead to a barrage of disinformation.

Their strategy is to come out with strongly worded ideas on impending doom, use the current weather if it's warm (or there was a major storm) and tell the public this is proof.

Through it all, the facts remain that the science, economics and social high ground is on the side of those that don't believe in human induced global warming, for the economies of the world would prosper most with all forms of energy being used, as billions of people are being sentenced to a life of little hope with no change to their fate in sight.

The more I study this, the more I cannot figure out, using common sense, how this argument is raging. The AGW side claims there is no doubt, yet if we look at actual facts, it appears that there is not only doubt, but evidence CO2 cannot be a factor in regulating climate. It may react to the climate, but it is not the driver.

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