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Solar Climate Change: Countdown to an amazing "end of the world" coincidence!
Sunday, December 16th 2012, 6:44 PM EST
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
One of those "what if" thoughts crossed my mind after yesterday's note on the latest Piers Corbyn R5 Red Warning, "what if" there was a Major Earthquake and some more Volcanic Activity on or around the 21st December.

I have already mentioned that Europe may have another devastating "cut off low" next week due to the timing of the R5 event, but what would people read into these events concerning the so called "end of the world prophecy taken from the Maya calendar".

The issue is, regardless of the outcome, the media don't want to know if Piers Corbyn can get more long range weather forecast and climate changes right then wrong, nobody wants to know that, what they want know is, when he is wrong!

And the reason they want to know when he is wrong, is that it shows it can't be done, and that Piers Corbyn is a fraud and a con man, he has to be, nobody can predict the outcome of the future in advance, can they........hang on to your hats, the FIRST SIGN of an amazing "end of the world" coincidence could be there already....see below for latest charts

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Not for the first time and NOT the last, my Earth solar indicator has just "powered up", Cyclone Evan has re-energised again after being at Cat 3 on Thursday and Friday and dropping down to Cat 2 yesterday has gone up to Cat 4 today.

But where is this energy coming from?

Look no further then the Sun, it looks as if there is something very big going to happen in the next few days, just like Piers Corbyn said it would.

QUIET SUN, BUT NOT FOR LONG? - 15th December: For the second week in a row, solar activity remains very low, but a new group of sunspots could be poised to break the quiet. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory observed the phalanx of dark cores emerging over the sun's southeastern limb on Dec. 15th:

It is too soon to say whether these spots have potential for strong flares. We'll know more in a few days when they turn toward Earth, offering a clearer view of their magnetic architecture. Meanwhile, NOAA forecasters have boosted the odds of an M-class eruption to 10% on Dec. link for more.

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Now we have TWO events underway, what will be the THIRD OR FOUTH....stay tuned for more

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