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Full list of M7+ 2012 Earthquakes with "high" Piers Corbyn Solar Activity Rating
Saturday, December 22nd 2012, 8:49 AM EST
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
With the end of 2012 in sight I thought I would give you a quick summary of how the Piers Corbyn Earthquake and Volcano trial went this year. I tried to monitor EQ's from a Magnitudes of 6.5+, and this was not only very messy to try and analyse, I also got a lot of stick from a couple of AGW supporters as regards the stats were concerned, and rightly so. But now I have found something even they will find difficult to argue with.

I have now settled at Earthquakes with a Magnitude of 7+ to show what I consider to be changes of real significance between Solar Activity and Earthquakes using the Piers Corbyn "R" rating.

It's not a perfect situation to make a call and yes there is a flaw in all of this, and that is, the condition of the Earth's crust! This, understandably is an unknown variable, and as you can see below, there was nothing going on above M7 for several months in a row (May, June & July) [Note, I have to conclude this three month period of >=M7 was NOT random as this is a cluster of three months. Maybe a clear sign the Earth's crust was either in a stable condition or that the Sun was not packing any force in her punches!]

As a result of this three month lull, I will have to see what next year brings, and who knows in 2013 I may have to revise this view.

The fact is Piers Corbyn has a skill of pinpointing the monthly periods when he expects there to be high level Earthquakes M7+ associated with high Solar Activity [R4/R5]

The numbers are: There were 16 M7+ Earthquakes during 2012

Associated with Piers Corbyn Solar Activity Rating R4/R5 = 11 (69%)

Average Number of days in month for a R4/R5 Period 8 (27%)

Skill rating: HIGH

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Full list of M7+ Earthquakes using

2012/01/10 18:36:59.08 7.20 R5 QV
2012/02/02 13:34:40.65 7.10 R5+QV+
2012/03/14 09:08:35.14 7.00 R4 QV
2012/03/20 18:02:47.44 7.40 R3 QV
2012/03/25 22:37:06.00 7.10 R4 QV
2012/04/11 08:38:36.72 8.60 R4 QV
2012/04/11 10:43:10.85 8.20 (After Shock)
2012/04/12 07:15:48.50 7.00 R2 QV (Correction)
2012/05/12 Nothing Reported
2012/06/12 Nothing Reported
2012/07/12 Nothing Reported
2012/08/14 02:59:38.46 7.70 R5 QV5
2012/08/27 04:37:19.43 7.40 R5 QV5
2012/08/31 12:47:33.38 7.60 R3 QV3
2012/09/05 14:42:07.88 7.60 R4 QV4
2012/09/30 16:31:35.97 7.30 R5+QV5+
2012/10/28 03:04:08.82 7.80 R5+QV5+
2012/10/28 03:07:30.00 7.70 (After Shock)
2012/11/07 16:35:46.69 7.40 R5 QV5
2012/12/07 08:18:23.13 7.30 R5 QV5
2012/12/10 16:53:08.77 7.10 R3 QV4

Source Link: CLICK THIS LINK for a complete list of ALL >=M7 Earthquake articles during 2012

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