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Astrophysics v Meteorology: (Piers Corbyn v Met Office) Round Two: The Return of "Sudden Stratospheric Warming"
Monday, January 28th 2013, 2:19 PM EST
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
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The above is the start date of the latest and second R5+ Solar/Lunar event of the year from Piers Corbyn. The first R5+ event troubled the Met office a great deal and they issued a "rare" Red warning as the weather conditions in the UK went from bad to worse!

Using the above charts as a 4-5 day forecast issued today on Met Office link there would seem to be no real significant change coming to the UK for Thursday 31st January and Friday 1st February, otherwise it would be coloured, and as you can see it's plain or if you like "un-shaded", indicting for the time of the year the Met Office expect "normal January/February weather", that is in contrast to the 1-3 day forecast that indicates heavy rain and flooding

This 4-5 day Met Office forecast seems to indicates there is nothing to worry about! And yet Piers Corbyn states that this will be the start of another high level Solar/Lunar period that will result with snow storms/blizzards and a return to freezing conditions up to the 3rd February as per my posting from yesterday a return of Sudden Stratospheric Warming

Below is the current Met Office end of the week forecast:

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UK: forecast days 1 to 30

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

Brighter with showers on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday, cooler with outbreaks of locally heavy rain in the south. Brighter in the north with showers, wintry over high ground. Windy throughout.

Updated: 1513 on Mon 28 Jan 2013

UK Outlook for Saturday 2 Feb 2013 to Monday 11 Feb 2013:

Conditions are expected to remain unsettled with spells of wet and windy weather interspersed by colder, clearer, showery conditions. Some heavy rain at times, with western parts perhaps seeing the heaviest and most persistent rain. Meanwhile, showers, heaviest in the west, are likely to be wintry over higher ground, and perhaps to lower levels in the north later in the period. Often on the windy side, risk occasional gales in the exposed north and west. Daytime temperatures often near normal but milder during the cloudier, rainy spells. However, during the clearer, showery spells temperatures falling below average, especially later in the period. Risk of frost by night during the clearer interludes, with a continuing ice risk where rain or showers clear.

Updated: 1137 on Mon 28 Jan 2013

I will repeat the following notes from Astrophysics v Meteorology (Piers Corbyn v Met Office) - Round 1

As you can see from the above forecast, solar events are NOT processed as a variable by the Met Office as they would have put up some sort of warning for the next few days. These solar events, as they say, are not on their radar. And there lies the argument that has frustrated the industry for so long, how does the Earth's climate mechanism work in conjunction with the output of the Sun?

The first problem is, when is there expected to be such an event on the Sun so it can be monitored with changes to the Earth's climate. Well, as far as I know those who do know are ignored in this respect, and sadly Piers Corbyn is one of them

So, how can we progress with this issue to try and measure the influence of solar activity on the climate. We know it exists as we have had nearly 50 years of extra solar activity starting from the 1950's that gave us a warmer "climate change", we can see from the result of this how confused the industry has become, as a warmer "climate change" has been confused with an increase of co2 levels.

I have read as much as I want to read at so called scientific blogs like Anthony Watts website WUWT, and all they talk about is theory, well here is a fantastic opportunity for us to study the result from some "practice".

There IS something very special going on this week in the way the Sun will make changes to the Earth's climate, so for the sake of argument, lets call it a "live experiment" between Astrophysics and Meteorology.

Please have an open mind for the outcome of this event during the next few days

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