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Statement: Hurricane "Sandy" and Blizzard "Nemo" have SAME "Cause & Effect" Scenario
Friday, February 8th 2013, 6:47 PM EST
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
Many of you have emailed me about the recent Piers Corbyn R5+ Solar/Lunar forecast saying the results were so similar between Hurricane "Sandy" and Blizzard "Nemo" that we should put out a statement of some sort.

In principal I agree with that request, but the reality is people will not comprehend what it is we are informing them about.

In our Statement: Solar Climate Change and Hurricane "Sandy" dated 1st November we put forward that a top level Solar/Lunar period, an R5+, was extended due to longer then expected burst of solar activity, and as a result there was a M7.7 Earthquake in Canada and Hurricane "Sandy" that formed in the Atlantic, she then went to the North East of the USA and hit the East coast, the rest as they say is history.

This week we had another extended R5+ period that was also due to longer then expected solar activity, that ALSO had a very high rated Earthquake (M8) and another formation of "super storm" in the Atlantic that has now run along the North East of USA. And yet the worlds media, and sadly this also includes Anthony Watts at WUWT who runs a skeptical scientific website for people who only share his version of skeptical views, will pay not attention to what we have had to say about the events of this week.

It is regret to those who have noticed this similarity in events between the last four months that what you have seen during live experiments is not worthy for the public domain yet. I guess the world is not ready for the revelation that our Sun and our Moon control the Earth's climate, and oh how at time like this I wish we had funding like other skeptical web sites.

Its thanks to the worlds media and sadly as already mentioned, that includes Anthony Watts, these two similar stories of two Major Atlantic storms and two Major Earthquakes will not be promoted.

The discovery made by Piers Corbyn about how our climate works in conjunction with the Sun and Moon will remain a secret to only those with open minds

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