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Astrophysics v Meteorology: expecting another cold blasts driven by new Sudden "Polar Lower" Stratospheric Warming
Sunday, February 10th 2013, 4:19 PM EST
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
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As you can see from the latest "Red Warning" chart, above, we have an "R5" event in a few days (13th - 16th February) indicating there is a higher then average chance for storm enhancements from solar activity and the changes you will see will be driven by new Sudden "Polar Lower" Stratospheric Warming....more to follow

Meanwhile....This is the link for the Met Office 30 day forecast and I have extracted below their forecast from Tuesday 12th February onwards to cover the aforementioned period from

Note: Updates to the Met Office link are made twice a day and the text will change

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Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday: Updated: 1525 on Sun 10 Feb 2013

Cold and largely cloudy Tuesday with overnight frost and ice. Turning wet and windy during Wednesday with rain and snow spreading eastwards. Brighter and less cold with showers on Thursday.

UK Outlook for Friday 15 Feb 2013 to Sunday 24 Feb 2013: Updated: 1139 on Sun 10 Feb 2013

Often cloudy on Friday, but with occasional bright spells and a few showers. Turning more unsettled later on Friday and into Saturday, with cloud and rain spreading from the northwest, though possibly not reaching the far southeast until late on Saturday. Temperatures near normal for much of the UK. Remaining unsettled through the rest of next weekend, but then turning drier and brighter form the north and east into the following week. The rest of the period looks reasonably settled for many, with any unsettled weather most likely towards the northwest of the UK, or for North Sea coastal areas. Temperatures starting close to average next weekend, but becoming generally colder into the following week, with frosty nights returning.

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