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Is Solar Filament Eruption on Far Side of Sun the Catalyst for SECOND February "R5" event?
Tuesday, February 26th 2013, 3:39 PM EST
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)

ve3en1 - via YouTube: Here is a new video I put together showing the aftermath of a farside eruption near Sunspot 1678 and a large CME it generated. The first couple of videos by STEREO Behind show magnetic loops towering above active region 1678 following the eruption just as it is about to come into view of the STEREO-B satellite. The second video by STEREO Ahead COR2 captures the full halo CME heading almost directly towards that spacecraft.

The above YouTube put together by today may well be the Catalyst of events for the SECOND February "R5" event.

On Sunday I stated that this coming "R5" period (27th February - 2nd March) was due to have an Earth Facing coronal hole as per the "Red Warning" report produced by Piers Corbyn at the start of February, confirmed on Monday 24th February that there was in fact an Earth Facing Coronal hole so this part of the "Red Warning" forecast was on schedule.

During the past year or so "Far Sided CME's" as well as "Earth Facing CME's" seem to play an equal part in Solar Climate Changes when the coronal hole is Earth Facing. What you read in reports about "Far Sided CME's" not having any influence to Earth's atmosphere is not correct, it all depends on the location of the coronal hole as well....more to follow soon

There are indicators (Cyclone "Rusty") that there has been Solar Activity present in the Earth's atmosphere for a couple of days already, so with this latest Solar episode I expect a lot more to happen any time soon....stay tuned for more

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