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John O'Sullivan: NASA in Mass Revolt over Global Warming Fraud
Wednesday, April 11th 2012, 10:44 AM EDT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
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Continuing man-made global warming fraud triggers a mass NASA rebellion. Rebels demand U.S. government pulls plug on the climate catastrophe cult. Dozens of top experts including astronauts and engineers trigger meltdown in American space agency.

The shocking ultimatum was made in a letter (March 28, 2012) signed by 50 NASA experts boasting over one thousand years of combined professional experience who addressed their concerns to NASA Administrator, Charles Bolden, Jr.

The letter reveals fury about “unsubstantiated” and “unproven remarks” dressed up by climatologists as “fact.” The protesters claim that constant junk climate science claims are causing enduring “damage to the exemplary reputation of NASA…..even the reputation of science itself…”

Among the dissenters is Dr. Harrison (Jack) Schmitt. Dr. Schmitt famously took part in the Apollo 17 moon mission. The mission’s problems with the Lunar Rover was recently cited as evidence in a high-profile debate between climatologists Roy Spencer, Richard Lindzen and critics of the so-called greenhouse gas effect (GHE).

Smoking the Out Space is “Cold” Fallacy

Spencer and other greenhouse gas effect believers (the cornerstone of climate alarmist science) were humiliated in the email debate for using unscientific claims that outer space is “cold” and Earth’s atmosphere acts as “a blanket” that acts to “keep our planet warmer than it would otherwise be.”

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However, as Jack Schmitt and the other Apollo astronauts who walked in the moon demonstrated, the vacuum of outer space is not “cold” but, in fact, has no temperature. Indeed, outer space acts as Nature’s perfect insulator inhibiting heat loss from our planet and thereby proving the nonsensical heat trapping “blanket” analogy used by climatologists who still support bogus greenhouse gas effect.

Dr. Schmitt and other space experts want to see an end to such ill-informed musings by climatologists who persist in pontificating and making pronouncements outside their area of expertise. Lindzen, Spencer and their sidekick Lubos Motl were shown the Schmitt evidence and asked: “So do we agree that the vacuum of space inhibits heat energy loss?” Lubos replied, “Not really.” A stunned Spencer and Lindzen made no comment.

A Litany of Hansen “Sciencegates”

Schmitt and his compadres are furious about a long list of apparent data crimes and misdemeanors being committed within the once peerless space agency. The unspoken target of their augur is NASA GISS front man, James Hansen.

Hansen’s junk science operation has featured prominently in several of the “gate” scandals of recent times. Among the controversies in which he was embroiled was “Australiagate”. NASA GISS was caught combining GHCN data from urban weather stations to cook up an inexplicable two-degree temperature increase tellingly exposed when independent researchers revealed the shocking disparity between “raw” data and the “cooked” Hansen variety.

Then in June 2010 an anonymous whistleblower inside NASA gave this author the scoop that NASA was deliberately hiding sunspot data to cover up the deepest solar minimum in centuries. The fall off in the sun’s activity actually suggests an imminent new ice age.

Then two NASA climate satellites carrying the ground-breaking Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO) inexplicably exploded in unexplained circumstances after take off from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. Fruitless post disaster investigations raised further questions as to whether this was conspiracy or incompetence and became linked to other catastrophic failures by a slew of satellites designed to measure climate change as shown here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

NASA Hid Climate Truth for Forty Years

But the worst scandal these 50 NASA rebels want addressing is NASA’s forty-year cover up of proof that the greenhouse gas theory was known to be bogus before the corrupt era of James Hansen. Hansen and his GISS cronies had concocted a graphic representation of the energy budget of the Earth whereby the space agency conspicuously contradicted itself in its depiction of back-radiation based on its various graphs on Earth’s radiation budget.

In May 24, 2010 hidden NASA documents surfaced proving that the U.S. space agency had successfully devised unique calculations for the Apollo missions that safely put astronauts on the Moon. Those Apollo calculations – proven correct by the real world success of the moon missions – showed that the ‘blackbody’ numbers of the GHE didn’t apply in our three-dimensional universe.

Thus compelling Apollo evidence demonstrated beyond all reasonable doubt that there was no such thing as a greenhouse gas effect and, if there was no GHE then there could be no catastrophic man-made global warming. If there was no catastrophe to confront then James Hansen was out of a job but $100 billion in taxpayer climate subsidies could be saved. But dumb is as dumb does and we can still readily find at least 53 crass authority statements preaching that our atmosphere acts just like the glass in a greenhouse.

But now that NASA is in open rebellion hard-pressed taxpayers are due a reprieve from the world’s worst government-sanctioned science fraud. Perhaps then NASA will finally kick James Hansen out into the long grass.
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