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Year Without A Summer by Willie Soon and Stephen H. Yaskell
Sunday, June 14th 2009, 6:49 AM EDT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
The year 1816 is still known to scientists and historians as “eighteen hundred and froze to death” or the “year without a summer.” It was the locus of a period of natural ecological destruction not soon to be forgotten. During that year, the Northern Hemisphere was slammed with the effects of at least two abnormal but natural phenomena. These events were mysterious at the time, and even today they are not well understood.

First, 1816 marked the midpoint of one of the Sun’s extended periods of low magnetic activity, called the Dalton Minimum.

This particular minimum lasted from about 1795 to the 1820s. It resembled the earlier Maunder Minimum (about 1645-1715)that was responsible for at least 70 years of abnormally cold weather in the Northern Hemisphere. The Maunder Minimum interval is sandwiched within an even better known cool period known as the Little Ice Age, which lasted from about the 14th through 19th centuries.

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Scare by Ravaging Science Redux
Saturday, May 2nd 2009, 2:27 AM EDT
Co2sceptic (Site Admin)
Journalists must separate the story. It makes for more copy when the reader’s eye wobbles over to another column space or the ear off into the increasing din of aural messaging surrounding us. By the time they get back to the original story the reader is ready for a detailed description of the coin’s other side, so to speak. It’s a trick journalists can always rely on. Journalism is “the wisdom of the ages,” wrote American author Stephen Crane in a poem (actually, Crane referred to the newspaper). We’ll forgive the “wisdom” reference here to Crane’s indulging in poetic license.

Not everybody is out for a quick buck or a political plum. Some are out for qualified opinion and honest insight. Some are in search of wisdom and truth. Journalism isn’t in the wisdom business per se and in the U.S. they ought to acutely point out the distinctions between it and the essay, the scholarly article, and the impartial policy analysis better in schools before they let someone graduate. (Many American schools emphasize an amorphous exercise in synaesthesia called “mass media,” which suits corporate messaging and the bureaucrats of the U.S. Department of Education.)

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